Property Tax Services

County Operations Center
5530 Overland Ave, Suite 410
San Diego, CA, 92123
MailStop: O-53

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm (pst)
Office Phone: (858) 694-2901
Office Fax: (858) 694-2922

Manager: Jon Baker


The County Auditor and Controller is mandated by Revenue and Taxation Codes, Government Codes, Health and Safety Codes, and the Board of Supervisors to perform certain functions in the realm of property taxation. These duties and responsibilities are fulfilled by the Auditor and Controller's Property Tax Services (PTS) Division.

PTS is responsible for the fiscal control of the County's secured and unsecured property tax system which is essential in maintaining the County’s fiscal stability. It is extremely important that all relative procedures and systems work correctly. The following list identifies the responsibilities involved in controlling the Property Tax System:

  1. Coordinate tax matters between the State, Information Services, Assessor, Tax Collector, cities, school districts, special districts and redevelopment successor agencies
  2. Direct the preparation and maintenance of the tax roll and tax bills
  3. Supervise the tabulation of assessed valuations
  4. Supervise the compilation of current and delinquent tax rates and application of penalties
  5. Maintain taxes receivable control accounts and apportion taxes to all taxing agencies
  6. Account for and distribute Real Property Transfer Taxes to County and cities
  7. Distribute a variety of State tax subventions to participating governmental entities
  8. Control and deposit property tax revenue to the Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund for distribution to the Redevelopment Successor Agencies and the affected taxing entities according to the Redevelopment Dissolution Law, and also control and distribute to the Infrastructure Financing District according to the Government Codes
  9. Control alternate methods of Tax Distribution such as the Teeter Plan
  10. Prepare and maintain the Property Tax Apportionment Factors for distribution of secured and unsecured taxes
  11. Prepare various State reports such as Assessed Values by City, Homeowner Exemption Property Tax Loss Reimbursement, Schools and Community Colleges’ Property Taxes Revenue, Local Government Property Tax, Semi-Annual Settlement, In Lieu of Vehicle License Fee Certification and Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund Allocation and Distribution

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