Fish and Wildlife Advisory Commission


9325 Hazard Way, Suite 100
San Diego, Ca 92123-1217
Fax 858-467-9697


The San Diego County Fish and Wildlife Advisory Commission serves the public by providing advice, funding and participation on issues and projects relevant to the prudent use, protection, and perpetuation of San Diego's wildlife.

2014 Schedule

Meetings are held at:  5:30 p.m.

County of San Diego
Department of Agriculture, Weights & Measures
9325 Hazard Way, Suite 100
San Diego, Ca 92123-1217

The ten-member advisory commission is appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures provides staff support to the Commission.

The Commission disperses fine monies derived from violations of the State Fish and Game Code and are administered in accordance with the State Fish and Game Code and subsequent legislation, delineated in sections of the Kelley Bill and advises the Board of Supervisors, the Chief Administrative Officer and County Departments on procedures, programs and issues pertaining to fish and wildlife as defined in Section 286.8, Duties and Responsibilities. 

For more information:

FWAC By-laws (pdf)

Goals and Objectives (pdf)

County Administrative Code (pdf)

Fish and Game Code (pdf)

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District 1
Greg Cox
District 2
Dianne Jacob
District 3
Dave Roberts
District 4
Ron Roberts
District 5
Bill Horn
Jack Bransford, Jr Florence Sloane Bill Crawford D'erdra Smothers Steve Turigliatto
Mark Kukuchek Doug Streed Eve Simmons Jim Dodd Jim Conrad


2013/14 Grant Application  (fill able form)

Grant Applications are due December 1 and June 1. Candidates may give a short (5 minute) presentation on their project for the Commissioners at the December and June meetings. Grants are funded at the January and July meetings.

In an effort to maximize the Commission's effectiveness, projects that integrate with the three high priority project areas receive the highest consideration.

Examples of projects conducted in the three high priority areas:

Example: Development project in the San Felipe Valley, partnering with the Department of Fish and Game

Artificial Reef/Fish Habitat
Example: Development project with the San Diego Oceans Foundation as lead agency

Inland Water Fisheries
Example: Enhancement project joining with San Diego Trout.