Landscaping Companies Assist with Pest Detection Efforts in the County

Ficus Whitefly Found in the County

Public participation has always been an important component of Agriculture, Weights and Measures’ (AWM) exceptional pest detection program. In December of 2012, landscaping companies submitted two insect samples to the AWM Entomology Lab. The first, a sample of Ficus whitefly, represented the first time that insect has been found in the County. Maintenance workers at an apartment complex found the sample. The pest was found for the first time in California in December in Los Angeles County. The second sample provided evidence of the expansion of the gold-spotted oak borer infestation area to include the community of Boulevard. AWM’s mutually beneficial relationship with the landscaping industry benefits everyone in the county. Raising awareness through continuing education for landscapers helps ensure this type of cooperation when an unusual pest problem is encountered.