Government Without Walls

A mobile worker model which allows inspectors to spend less time in the office

San Diego County Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures has implemented a new field inspection data system. This new system allows for the tracking of all inspections, eliminates costly time for staff to re-enter data, and provides managers real-time information on program productivity. In addition, it has also provided the opportunity to conduct a pilot project called “Government Without Walls” (GWOW). GWOW supports a mobile worker model, which reduces the amount of time inspectors spend driving to and from the office, as well as time in the office. Work vehicles have been equipped with computer work stations and personnel start and end their day within their geographic work area. Inspectors are able to perform a higher number of inspections due to the decrease in time spent driving to and from the office to pickup and drop off vehicles. Reference information, sometimes needed to complete inspections, is now readily available to inspectors in the field through the use of wireless broadband. Initial results in the Weights and Measures program showed a 31% higher productivity for GWOW inspectors.