AWM Protects Flourishing Grape Industry

EVGM Traps Placed at Commercial Vineyards

European Grapevine Moth (EGVM) traps are being placed at each commercial vineyard in San Diego County for the grape growing season from February through November. Traps will be serviced every two weeks and the lure will be replaced at four week intervals. The moth was first detected in Napa County in September 2009. In response, agricultural agencies including California Department of Food and Agriculture, USDA and Agriculture, Weights and Measures worked with grape growers in San Diego County to place EGVM traps. The moth primarily targets grapes, but will also attack blackberry, cherry, peach, kiwi, persimmon, plum and pomegranate plants. In 2010, San Diego County grape production comprised 447 acres valued at $784,977 and is a growing industry. For more information, contact Sandy Parks at (858) 614-7702 or