Scanner Awareness Program


Scanners are also called an Automated Point-of-Sale System.

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View the list of businesses fined within the past 24 months as a result of price accuracy violations.


What you need to know about a price verification inspection (June 2012 presentation) 

Customers are entitled to pay no more than the posted, advertised, or quoted price.

Report Scanner Errors and Checkstand Overcharges,
1-888-TRUE-SCAN (878-3722) (Toll-free)


You may be charged the wrong price for items purchased at the checkout register according to the County Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures.

Consumers must be vigilant to protect themselves. If you find a discrepancy between the price you are charged and the posted or advertised price, notify store management before you leave the store or report the violations to the County.

Scanner inspection programs are not required by state law. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors passed the Consumer Confidence Protection Act in 1999, making this County one of the first in California to establish an inspection program. 

Lesser violations are handled through civil administrative procedures that include the potential for fines. 

AWM also participates in multi-county investigations.


The Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures routinely conducts inspections at retail locations to verify that prices charged to consumers are the same as those posted or advertised.

At retail stores, Inspectors select:
    10 items if the store has 3 or less scanners;
    25 items if there are 4-9 scanners;
    50 items if the store has 10 or more scanners.

The items' bar codes are scanned or price look-up codes are entered into the checkstand register, and the resulting charges are compared to the lowest posted or advertised prices.


Consumer's rights must be posted at every scanner location.

Passed scanner inspection may be voluntarily posted.

Failed scanner inspection must be posted when provided.