Sarah Aghassi


Sarah Aghassi is the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer and Group General Manager for the County’s Land Use and Environment Group (LUEG). The Group consists of the departments of Public Works, Environmental Health, Planning and Land Use, Agriculture, Weights and Measures, Parks and Recreation, the Air Pollution Control District, Farm and Home Advisor and San Diego Geographic Information Source. The Group employs approximately 1,560 people, has 1,700 volunteers and an annual budget of nearly $400 million.

The Land Use and Environment Group unifies the County's efforts in environmental conservation, environmental land use planning, environmental safety, consumer and public health protection, land use and economic development, and infrastructure development and maintenance. Staff work every day to preserve and enhance the environment, provide recreational opportunities, provide stewardship for many of our most important environmental and public infrastructure assets, encourage responsible development, improve air quality, foster economic growth and enforce local, state and federal laws that protect our quality of life.

Key initiatives in LUEG include:

  1. Reengineering of internal processes to focus on minimizing cycle times, resolving issues more quickly and efficiently, and allowing staff to assist more customers in the same amount of time.
  2. County Multiple Species Conservation Program, creating a preserve system of over 172,000 acres throughout San Diego, with 98,739 acres located in unincorporated areas. 
  3. Project Clean Water, unifying efforts throughout the County to improve water quality and preserve coastal and inland assets.
  4. County Parks and Open Space Program, focusing on acquisition, development and preservation of regional parks and open space preserves, community parks and recreation facilities and significant cultural resources.
  5. Protecting the public from diseases and environmental contaminants through inspections, enforcement and outreach efforts.
  6. Annual re-investments in infrastructure, through the Capital Improvement Program, for County Roads, Airports, Sanitation Districts, and Flood Control District.