Grant Recipients

CECO has been the charitable arm of the County of San Diego since 1956 and is proud to 'lend a hand' to local non-profit programs making San Diego a better place for its residents.

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Write-up by County employee, Cheryl Wegner, on the 2015 CECO Breakfast:

I had the opportunity to go to the County Employee’s Charitable Organization Annual Awards Breakfast held on March 25th.  Mark Massen had asked me if I’d go in his stead, as he had another obligation that day. I thought I was doing him a favor, but I actually did myself a favor, as I got to witness the tremendous good that comes from our contributions! Our collective generosity provides the Allocation Committee the means to provide grants to help other organizations do so many wonderful things, from something as simple as buying books for an after school program to a refrigerator for a shelter, to medical equipment for a neighborhood health center. Putting much needed funds into the hands of the people who can provide so many changes for good, it just made my heart sing and my eye tear up!

Thank you to all of you who give of your financial contributions, your talents, and your time to help make CECO so successful.

Write-up by volunteer UC Fullerton student, Erin Resurreccion, on the 2015 CECO Breakfast:

The San Diego County Employees’ Charitable Organization (CECO) awarded 107 non-profit organizations with grants totaling $200,000 at their 2015 Awards Breakfast on March 25.

With their “Power of One“ theme, CECO volunteers promoted biweekly payroll donations and hosted several fundraisers in 2014 including bake sales, online auctions and a penny jar donation drive.

Grants were awarded to a diverse group of organizations including The Boys & Girls Club, Meals-on-Wheels, Alpha Project for the Homeless, and Survivors of Torture. Funding received from CECO will support tangible items such as food, hot boxes, helmets, refrigerators, computers, mattresses, education kits, and the list goes on. These items might seem like a small gesture, but to the non-profit organizations a little goes a very long way.

As a guest volunteer for CECO’s Annual Awards Breakfast I was very impressed by the passion of every organization, including CECO. I am familiar with some non-profit organizations in San Diego, but I was surprised at the diversity in the room. It was heartwarming to hear the organizations’ causes whether it related to at risk individuals, feeding families, or providing health care, they were all centralized on improving the lives of those within our communities.

It was inspiring to learn how many helping hands were willing to dedicate their time and effort to support and continue CECO’s endeavors for the County. The few short hours spent with CECO and San Diego non-profit organizations reminded me to continue to practice CAO Helen Robbins-Meyer’s “service before self” because it can make a difference. I hope to come back to CECO in order to lend another helping hand to strengthen our San Diego community.