Final Map Approval

When a developer decides to begin a new project, a map containing the developer's tentative plans must be provided to several County departments for approval and signatures. The Clerk of the Board receives the map, ensures that the developer has paid their taxes and in some cases, brings the map before the Board of Supervisors for approval. After the Board has approved the map, it is brought to the County Recorder's office to be recorded and the developer can then begin work on their new project.

City and County Subdivision Maps are brought to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Room 402, County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, between January 1 and September 20. After September 20, ONLY County Subdivision Maps are brought to the Clerk of the Board for approval. (This date is subject to change by the County Treasurer/Tax Collector's office.) Below is a checklist of tasks that must be completed before the map can be brought to the Clerk of the Board's office.

  1. Ensure that your final map has all of the necessary signatures prior to presenting it to the Clerk of the Board. The Clerk of the Board's signature block(s) and the County Recorder's signature block are the only ones that should be blank.

  2. Ensure that there is adequate space on the cover sheet of the Map for the Clerk of the Board's seal. The seal must be placed on the Map, cannot overlap any other writing on the map and must be placed within the border of the map's cover sheet.

  3. Payment of future taxes may be done at any time prior to recording the map. Acceptable forms of payment include a cashier's check, tax bond or letter of credit. Payment may be made in person or by mail to the Clerk of the Board. **Note: If you pay by cashier's check, the property owner or subdivider must be present to complete and sign a Cash Deposit & Tax Payment Authorization Form. If the owner or subdivider cannot be present, he/she must complete the form and have their signature(s) notarized.

  4. A copy of the Tax Certificate must be presented to the Clerk of the Board in order to verify the amount of future taxes due. This copy can be obtained from the Treasurer/Tax Collector in Room 162 of the County Administration Center.

  5. City Maps have two additional requirements that do not apply to County Tract Maps: 1. A tax compliance fee; and 2. 48-hour waiver letter. These two requirements are usually handled by the Title Company and may be submitted any time prior to recording the Map.

  6. If your map requires fill-ins, a Title Agent must be present at the time the Map records.

  7. The County Recorder has additional requirements prior to the map recording. For more information on these requirements, please call (619)237-0502.

For more information regarding the Clerk of the Board's involvement in processing subdivision maps, please call (619) 531-5600. Thank you.