Agricultural Water Quality


The County Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures regulates agricultural facilities that are designated as high priority commercial facilities. These include:

Nurseries and Greenhouses

Pest Control Businesses

Golf Courses


County Ordinance

In 2013, the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board adopted Order R9-2013-0001, which requires the County and other land use jurisdictions in the region to reduce the discharge of pollutants in local waterways.

Watershed Protection, Stormwater Management, & Discharge Control Ordinance

2016 Annual Registration Information

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Stormwater Training

Stormwater Training Record Form (pdf)

Stormwater Annual Review Guidelines and Form (pdf)

Pesticide BMP's

Stormwater - Nurseries & Greenhouses

       San Diego County Department of Public Works - Landscaping

Farming Information

Sedimentation From Agricultural Operations (pdf)