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On this page, you will find information about applying for a food health permit, operating and maintaining a food facility, rules and regulations, and resource materials from outside the County of San Diego. There is also information and guides for consumers regarding health safety.

2017-09: Click to learn more about Hepatitis A - Prevention and Control here.


Due to the ongoing Hepatitis A outbreak in the San Diego region, the Public Health Officer recommends that all food handlers be vaccinated against the Hepatitis A virus.  Please read the Health Officer's letter to Food Facility Operators here.
To learn more about food safety when handling surplus foods that will be donated, please click here to take a look at our new “Too Good To Waste Guide for Food Safety of Donated Foods”.



Forms and Applications
AB 1990 - Community Food Producer Registration Form: PDF
Commissary Agreement:   PDF
Cottage Food Program Information: HERE
Cottage Food Class A CFO Registration:
Cottage Food Class B CFO Permit: PDF
Culinary Garden Agreement:  PDF
Foodborne Illness (Food Poisoning) Intake Form:  PDF
Food Facility Plan Check Application: PDF
Facility Fee Schedule:  PDF
Facility Plan Check Fee Schedule:  PDF
Mobile Food Facility Location of Operation Information Sheet:  PDF
Mobile Food Facility Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Worksheet:  PDF
Public Health Permit Application:  PDF
Change of Ownership Questionnaire: PDF
Public Records Request Form:
Temporary Food Facility Sponsor Application: PDF
Temporary Food Facility Vendor ApplicationPDF
Veteran's Exemption Application: PDF
Veteran's Exemption Frequently Asked Questions: PDF



Operating Information
Guide to Opening a New Food Business in San Diego County: PDF
Retail Food Facility Operator's Guide: English (PDF)  Spanish (PDF)
  Chinese (PDF)  Vietnamese (PDF)
Food Safety Manager Certification Options:
Food Handler Training Schools:
Food Handler Training Booklets: English (PDF)  Spanish (PDF)
  Chinese (PDF)  Vietnamese (PDF)
Food Facility Consultations:   PDF
Food Facility Self-Inspection Checklist:   English (PDF)   Spanish (PDF)
Food Facility Food Temperature Log: PDF
Wholesale Food Warehouse Risk Control Plan: PDF
Culinary Garden Agreement PDF
Community Garden Guideline PDF


Guidelines and Handouts

Allergen Information: PDF
California Department of Public Health: Cottage Food Operations (Approved Food List)
Consumer Advisory Update: PDF
Dining Out? Safe Food is Everybody's Responsibility: PDF
Food Donations: Too Good to Waste PDF
Food Safety Guide for Non-Profit Organizations that Distribute Food:  PDF
Food Labeling Guide:  PDF
Guidelines for Allowing Dogs into Outdoor Patio Dining: PDF
Guidelines for Determining Approved Food Sources: PDF
Hepatitis A Disinfection Guidelines: English (PDF)    Spanish (PDF)
Vietnamese (PDF)    Arabic (PDF)    Tagalog (PDF)   
Insider's Guide to Handwashing:  English (PDF)   Spanish (PDF)
Norovirus Infection Prevention & Control:  PDF
Pollution Prevention in Food Establishments: Website
Pollution Prevention in Food Establishments Flyer: English (PDF)    Spanish (PDF)
Rapid Cooling: PDF  
Rapid Cooling Log: PDF
Reusable Bags: PDF
School Share Tables: PDF
Service Animals (US Department Of Justice): PDF
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Service Animals: PDF
Guidelines For Allowing Non-Service Dogs Into Outdoor Patio Dining: PDF
Shellfish Warning Signs:  PDF
Time as a Public Health Control (TPHC):  PDF
Trans-Fat Fact Sheet:  PDF
Warewashing Guidance: PDF 
Water Conservation Tips for Food Facilities:  PDF
Wiping Cloths:  English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)


Food Safety

Food Defense & Security:  PDF
Food Safety During a Power Outage: VIDEO
Food Safety in the Event of a Power Outage: PDF
Food Security Self-Assessment (US Department of Agriculture):  PDF
Safe Cheese:  HHSA English (PDF)  HHSA Spanish (PDF)  
Safe Handling of Eggs:  PDF
Safe Handling of Raw Produce & Juices (FDA):  PDF


HACCP Guidance
HACCP Principles (FDA):  PDF
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Flow Chart: PDF
HACCP Checklist (Local - DEH FHD Review): PDF
HACCP Checklist (State Review): PDF
Specialized Process Questionnaire Form: PDF
Specialized Process Application Form: PDF


Plan Check

Food Facility Plan Check Application: PDF
Plan Check Review Reference Guidelines - Does your facility require Plan Check Review? PDF
Guide to Opening a New Food Business: PDF
Plan Check Consultation Guide: PDF
Food Facility Plan Review Guide: PDF
Food Facility Plan Check Flow Chart: PDF
Food Facility Plan Check Checklist: PDF
Direct Sales Catering - Host Facility Requirements for Breweries: PDF
Direct Sales Catering - Host Facility Plan Check Flow Chart: PDF
Plan Check Fee Schedule: PDF
Construction & Operational Guide for Mobile Food Facilities and Mobile Support Units: PDF
Retail Market Conversions For Fresh Produce: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Operations FAQ: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Operational Procedures: PDF
Acceptable Floor Materials: PDF
Grease Trap Policy: PDF
Buffet service guidelines: PDF
Mechanical exhaust ventilation systems: PDF
Mechanical ventilation exemption guide: PDF
Water heater sizing guidelines: PDF
Open-air BBQ guidelines: PDF


Mobile Food Facilities

Mobile Food Presentation for Industry:  PDF
Presentación para la Industria de Unidades de Comida Móvil:  en Español
Directions to County Operation Center: PDF
Operations FAQ: PDF
Mobile Food Operator's Guide: PDF
Manual del Operador: en Español
Mobile Food Facility Commissary Guidelines: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Commissary Letter: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Location of Operation Information Sheet: PDF
Mobile Food Facility Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Worksheet: PDF 


Cottage Food Operations

California Department of Public Health:  Cottage Food Operations (Approved Food List)
Cottage Food Law:  California Health & Safety Code §114365-§114365.6
Class A CFO Registration Packet: PDF
Class B CFO Registration Packet: PDF
California Cottage Food FAQs:  English   Spanish
Ley de Alimentos Caseros - Preguntas Frecuentes:  en Español
Zoning Requirements:  Permit/License Requirements from your City of Residence
Training Options:  State Food Processor Course or San Diego County Approved Courses
San Diego Cottage Food Label Requirements:  PDF 
Label Requirements for Allergens:  PDF
Do You Qualify as a Cottage Food Operation?  Flow Chart Screening PDF
San Diego Cottage Food Potable Water Requirements:  PDF


Community and Culinary Gardens

Community Garden Guideline:  PDF
Community Garden FAQ: PDF
Culinary Garden Agreement: PDF
Guidelines for the Use of Alternate Water Supplies to Irrigate Gardens: PDF
Composting Tips for School or Community Gardens: PDF


Disaster Preparedness

Boil Water Order Information:  PDF
Water Outage Guidelines: PDF
Emergency/Disaster Procedures for Food Facilities:  PDF
Emergency Shelter & Mass Feeding Center Guidelines:  PDF
Fire Recovery for Food Facilities - Damaged Food:  PDF
Fire Recovery for Food Facilities - Disposal of Spoiled Food:  PDF
Fire Recovery for Food Facilities - Procedures for Operators:  PDF
Fire Recovery - What to do after a Wildfire:  PDF
How to Keep your Food Safe during a Power Outage:  Video   PDF
Illnesses Guidelines for Food Operations:  PDF


Consumer Resources

Emergency Food Supply:  English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)
Emergency Sewage Disposal:  PDF
Fight Bac!:  PDF
Food Safety Game Plan for Youth Sporting Events:  PDF
Guide for Packing a Safe School Lunch:  English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)
Purifying Water:  PDF


Rules and Regulations
California Retail Food Code (CalCode):   PDF
CalCode Summary of Changes: PDF
California Sherman Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law:   PDF
San Diego County Wholesale Food Warehouse Ordinance: PDF
Trans Fat Industry Fact Sheet (AB 97) & Cal Code Summary of Changes (SB241): English (PDF)     Spanish (PDF)
Trans Fat Guidelines (CCDEH):   PDF
Service Animals (US Department Of Justice): PDF
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Service Animals: PDF



Food & Housing Programs
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