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CoSD LEMSIS Has Gone Live!

The County of San Diego EMS, with the cooperation of local EMS partners, has implemented a new electronic, cloud-based data program, the CoSD Local EMS Information System (CoSD LEMSIS):

  • All agencies in San Diego County are now using this new system
  • Patient Care Record (PCR) is now deployed after a successful pilot program
  • The prior collection system, QCS, is decommissioned and no longer available (Effective July 1, 2017)
  • Agencies now must collect their data electronically in a NEMSIS-compliant format and transfer it to CoSD LEMSIS
  • Resource Bridge for hospitals is live and in use by all hospitals (Effective June 28, 2017)
  • All prehospital personnel credentialing is now online through the Licensing Portal found HERE
  • For more information on the whole system, click HERE
EMS Blue Line

EMS Mission Statement

To ensure that all residents of and visitors to San Diego County receive timely and high-quality emergency medical services, specialty care, prevention services, disaster preparedness and response. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a branch of the Health and Human Services Agency Public Health Services Division. It is the 'local EMS agency', or LEMSA, as defined in California law.

State of California Emergency Medical Services Law Health & Safety Code Section 1797.200

California's EMS Act authorizes each county to develop an EMS program and to designate a local EMS agency (LEMSA) that oversees the delivery of EMS within that geographic area:




When to Call

San Diego County's emergency access number for fire, police or medical emergencies is "9-1-1". At times you may not be sure whether it is appropriate to use this emergency number for medical problems. 

Guidelines to help you know when to call 9-1-1.






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