Dear Stakeholder,

The San Diego County Planning Commission has scheduled an informational meeting to discuss the Draft San Diego County Climate Action Plan (CAP). The purpose of the October 20th, 2017 meeting is for staff to provide an update and review the draft Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies and Measures ahead of a formal Planning Commission Hearing early next year. No action will be taken on this matter at this meeting.

The meeting will be held at the County Operations Center Conference Center Hearing Room, 5520 Overland Avenue, San Diego, 92123 at 9:00 am; a live stream can be found online.

Preparation of the County’s Climate Action Plan has entered the final phases, including the following next steps:

  • Planning Commission Informational Meeting– October 20th, 2017
  • Response to Comments on the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) – Ongoing
  • Planning Commission Hearing of the CAP and the draft EIR – Date to be announced
  • Board of Supervisors consideration of the CAP and draft EIR – Date to be announced

If you would like to view information about the CAP, provide input, or receive notification of upcoming events, please visit our project website or contact the project team at

Thank you again for participating in the stakeholder process. We appreciate your ideas, interest and contributions to the development of the County’s Climate Action Plan.