Complaint Resolution


Ombudsperson Program

If you are not satisfied with the assistance you received from a Department of Child Support Services representative, an ombudsperson can help. An ombudsperson can assist you by resolving issues with your child support case, explaining your rights and responsibilities, and providing information regarding how to obtain child support services. If you continue to be dissatisfied with the assistance you are receiving, an ombudsperson will attempt to resolve the problem and will assist you in understanding the complaint resolution and state hearing processes. These services are free of charge. An ombudsperson, however, cannot be your representative and cannot give you legal advice.

Brochure: How to Resolve Problems With Your Child Support Case

Formal Complaint Resolution Process

If you are a custodial party or noncustodial parent you can make a formal complaint if you are not satisfied with the assistance you are receiving from the DCSS in resolving your child support issues. The Complaint Resolution Team will review, investigate and try to resolve your complaint. If the complaint pertains to your case in another county, the DCSS will transfer your complaint to the appropriate county within five business days of receiving your formal complaint. Within 30 days of receiving your complaint, the DCSS will provide you with a written response addressing the issues of your complaint. If a complaint cannot be resolved within 30 days, the DCSS may extend the time for resolving a complaint up to a maximum of 30 additional days.

When to Make a Formal Complaint

  • You must make a formal complaint within 90 days of when you knew about your problem.

What Can and Cannot be in a Formal Complaint

  • A formal complaint may be about any DCSS or Franchise Tax Board action or inaction.
  • A formal complaint cannot be about court orders, custody or visitation.

How to Make a Formal Complaint

  • Your complaint may be made orally or in writing.
  • Oral and written complaints must be documented in a formal complaint form  (Form # LCR001).
  • To obtain a formal complaint form, please call our public phone number at 866-901-3212.
  • On the formal complaint form, you must write your name, contact information, case number, and the issue you want resolved.