Enforcing a Court Order


If the custodial party already has a child support order the Department of Child Support Services will enforce the order as it stands. To do this, the department must first register the order and/or substitute the payee.

Registration of Foreign Orders

All orders from outside of San Diego County are considered foreign. The department must initiate a process to register a foreign order. After the order is registered, the department will file the necessary paperwork to substitute the payee.

Substitution of Payee

To begin enforcement, the order must be made payable to the Department of Child Support Services. The department will file a Substitution of Payee with the court. After the Substitution is filed, all changes, problems, questions or concerns must be addressed with the Department of Child Support Services. Money collected from the noncustodial parent as a result of the substitution of payee will be distributed to the custodial party within 48 hours. Our services are free.

Out-of-State Parents

Many child support cases involve a parent who lives in another state. By law, state enforcement agencies must cooperate with each other in handling requests for assistance. The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), enacted in every state, requires cooperation between states to establish and enforce child support orders. Every state within the USA (as well as some other countries) has an agency to enforce child support orders. Our office can work with these agencies to collect child support.