Jobs in DEH

The Department of Environmental Health seeks motivated individuals to help protect the environment, improve the quality of life of its citizens, and assist in promoting a sustainable community.

The recruitment for Deputy Director, Environmental Health is now open!

This is an open recruitment

Further information may be obtained and online applications can be found at this link:

Deputy Director, Environmental Health

The first review of applications will take place Friday May 1, 2015 so please submit your application by that date 

The following job titles are generally used by the Department. For more detailed information on these job titles, please visit the Department of Human Resources Job Page.

  • Administrative Analyst
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Assistant Health Physicist
  • Associate Health Physicist
  • Disease Research Scientist
  • Environmental Health Specialist I
  • Environmental Health Specialist II
  • Environmental Health Specialist III
  • Environmental Health Specialist Trainee
  • Environmental Health Technician
  • Industrial Hygienist I
  • Industrial Hygienist II
  • Industrial Hygienist III
  • Office Assistant
  • Program Coordinator
  • Sr Health Physicist
  • Sr Office Assistant
  • Student Worker
  • Supervising Environmental Health Specialist
  • Supervising Industrial Hygienist
  • Supervising Vector Ecologist
  • Vector Control Technician Aide
  • Vector Control Technician I
  • Vector Control Technician II
  • Vector Control Technician III
  • Vector Control Technician IV
  • Vector Ecologist