WNV Information for Veterinarians and Horse Owners


Protect your Horse from West Nile virus

When it comes to West Nile Virus (WNV), horses are affected much more often than any other domestic animal. Although the majority of horses do not  exhibit any signs of clinical illness, the health impact can be severe in those that do. In the U.S. prior to the 2004 California outbreak, of those horses that developed clinical illness, approximately 30% died or had to be destroyed and another 17% suffered from long–term related debilitation.  Vaccines are available to help protect horses from West Nile virus.

General Information on WNV Infection in Horses:

    California Department of Food & Agriculture: Animal Health Branch

    Centers for Disease Control: West Nile Virus and Horses


West Nile Virus Equine Vaccination Information:

    American Association of Equine Practitioners: WNV Vaccination Guidelines


Latest Information on West Nile Virus Case Numbers:

    California West Nile Virus Home

    WNV Cases in San Diego County

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