Creating a "Living Wall" From Your Slope

living wall

Original air date: July 2004

Just because you have a slope doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. This July, Tom and crew are in Vista and they are transforming a lackluster slope into a beautiful “living wall.”

Tom also breaks down several garden tools so you know which ones are must-haves.

Lastly, a sharp tool is a happy tool, so brush up on your tool maintenance this month.

The Living Wall

So you have a bland slope and you want to spruce it up a bit.  No problem.  We’re putting a path through our slope flanked by beautiful flag stone retaining walls.  Sound difficult?  Not really.

Which Tools to Get, and Which to Forget

You walk into a home improvement store to buy a shovel.  No problem.  Thing is, as you walk down the shovel aisle, you’re faced with rack after rack of different shovels; different shapes, different handles, different construction.

Sharpening Tools

If you plan on maintaining your garden regularly, then you’re going to need to care for your tools.  Not only will it make your gardening a ton easier, but they also will extend the life of your tools.

Tom's Plant Pick of the Month

Sempervivum – Hens and Chicks 

These succulent plants form in cluster mounds and are great in rock gardens.  They are best with regular watering in San Diego soil.  Sempervivums are from Europe and are very cold hardy and easy to grow.  They come in many different varieties.