Topiary Plants


Topiary gardening?  You don’t do that, do you?  Well, the practice of topiary gardening involves the pruning of plants into various shapes, and if you’re shearing your shrubs into balls and boxes, you’re practicing a form of topiary.  Now, Tom isn’t exactly a fan of sheared hedges, but there are many other interesting things to be done with topiary.

Gardeners and topiaryFirst of all, you’ve got two basic types of topiaries, fast-growing contemporary ivy topiaries and slow-growing traditional topiary shrubs.  The traditional types are usually formed with small-leaved woody shrubs such as myrtle and boxwood.  The upside to these topiaries is that their slow growth will not require constant pruning to keep their shape. 

Contemporary topiaries use plants that grow fairly quickly and are usually smaller than their older relatives.  No matter which type you choose, you’ve got a huge selection of shapes and sizes to pick from.  A great local source for topiary plants and accessories can be found in Leucadia at Samia Rose Nursery.