Down To Earth


Airs daily at 12:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

A gardening show unique to the San Diego County region.  From the beaches to the mountains, award-winning horticulturist Tom Piergrossi shows us how to get the best from San Diego's soil, climate and vegetation for a beautiful and relaxing garden.

Budget Gardening, Herb Pots and Outdoor Lighting
Original air date: May 2009

Spring Planting and Grafting
Original air date: March 2005

Birds and Butterflies
Original air date: September 2006

Tree Pruning
Original air date: August 2004

Creating a Living Wall from Your Slope
Original Air Date: July 2004

Slopes, Pots, Succulents and Cacti
Original Air Date: June 2007

Mediterranean Makeover, Topiary, Snails
Original Air Date: May 2005

Bird of Paradise, Staghorn Ferns, Spring Pruning
Original Air Date: April 2007

School Gardens
Original Air Date: March 2007

Front Yard Facelift: Installing a Brick Patio
Ornamental Grasses

Original Air Date: February 2005

Hot Home Composting
Original Air Date: August 2003


Down to Earth is brought to you by Project Clean Water: coordinating efforts to improve the quality of our water and our lives.