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School Zone Signs and Pavement Legends : It’s all about Safety!

Just about everyone today struggles with limited time along with a singular focus to get to where they need to be quickly. However, no location is as sensitive and emotionally charged as a school zone. From kindergarten through high school, there is a strong expectation for children to be either walking or riding bicycles, being dropped off, or even driving cars to school. During school arrival and dismissal times motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, school buses and other traffic intermingle in the school zone. Although school zone congestion is temporary and limited, significant traffic issues tend to develop.

Safety in the school zone is paramount. But is it also important to ensure the smooth progression of pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and school buses through the school zone while minimizing the impact on other nearby roadways.

For the County of San Diego to be safe, healthy and thriving - two of the three strategic initiatives established by the Board of Supervisors (Kids, the Environment, and Safe and Livable Communities) – children must be protected from accidents and injuries; neighborhoods include safe streets. The County’s Department of Public Works (DPW) continually strives to achieve these initiatives and ensure the safety of those traveling our County roadways.Street legend

DPW follows a set of statewide uniform traffic control device standards for establishing and marking school zones. These include signs advising motorists they are entering or leaving a school zone, pedestrian signs, 25-MPH speed limit signs and no parking signs. Markings include school crosswalks, school legends, and safety patrol limit lines.

Painting legendDPW installs and maintains these signs and street markings for all public and certain qualifying private schools with primary access to a County maintained road.

DPW crews refresh pavement markings at 76 public elementary schools, 22 middle-schools and 23 high schools, as well as 12 private schools located in the unincorporated area of San Diego County each year.

You can help. Observe and obey school zone signs and street legends. Slow down and be especially observant when entering a school zone. And watch out for our crews as they work to maintain these important safety items each year.