Accela Online Permit Database System

The County implemented a software upgrade to our permit database in November 2012. This system upgrade improves the tracking process of public permits the County issues, and generally involves land development work that might include:

  • a major or minor subdivision
  • single lot grading
  • building permits
  • septic systems
  • work within the County’s maintained road right of way, and
  • various other County permits.     

The new online permit system enables you to research and apply for permits, and obtain other planning and development information through a single website. This effort is aligned with our commitment to provide transparency and robust online services for you, our customers.  Via the Planning and Development Services link below, you will find some helpful online guides and other updates about the launch of the new system. Thank you again for your continued business with the County of San Diego and your patience and understanding as we enhance our computer systems to serve you better.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) has identified some of the additions and major changes that impact the public’s use of the system listed below:   

  1. The County’s permit numbering system has changed as part of the software upgrade. A crosswalk will be provided soon to show you the old and new numbering system.
  2. The format of the public access portal to the County’s permit database has also changed. Details and instructions on how to access this feature will be available soon.
  3. Grading, subdivision improvement, and curb grade improvement plan review and permit processing have moved from the Department of Public Works (DPW) to Planning and Development Services (PDS). Permits for these projects will now be issued by PDS. DPW’s Private Development Construction Inspection team is a primary resource and will continue to inspect the construction of these projects.
  4. Construction and excavation permits will now be issued with the Traffic Control Permit at the same time and place.
  5.  A new permit application for sewer construction has been added for work within the County’s Sewer District.

The County has also improved the citizen access portal where you can review project related information.  You can access the Accela Citizen Access page by clicking on this link

The following link is provided that will assist you in performing a number of functions on the new Accela Citizen Access portal:

The following DPW contacts are available to answer additional questions you may have about the about the software upgrade based on the permits they oversee.


Accela Expert / Section



Record Types

Kamilah James *
Private Development Construction Inspection
(858) 232-6837 kamilah.james
Construction, Excavation, and Inspection of Grading, Subdivision Improvements, and other Public Improvement Permits
Jennifer Winfrey
(858) 694-2463 jennifer.winfrey
Recycling Permits
Kenton Jones
(858) 694-3843 kenton.jones
Encroachment, Election Sign, Moving, Tree, Traffic Control, and Special Event Permits
Louis Conde
Wastewater Management
(858)694-2660 louis.conde
Residential and Commercial Sewer Connection Permits
David Williams
Wastewater Management
(858) 694-2678 dave.williams
Sewer Construction

  * For general information or public access to the County's Accela Online Permit Database.


For additional information about Accela information in other County departments, please see the following web sites:

Planning and Development Services

Department of Environmental Health