Management Services

Deputy Director: Kathleen Flannery

This division provides a variety of services to department employees and the public.  It includes Personnel,  Financial Services, Communications, Recycling and Management Support.  Special Districts serve small areas in unincorporated areas providing a variety of services to residents in rural areas.

Environmental Services

Landfill Management

Special Assessment Districts

Proposition 1B Projects

In addition, Management Services is responsible for:

Financial Services
The Financial Services Section has department-wide responsibilities for coordinating preparation of all of the Department’s Line Item and Program Budgets totaling over $200 Million and spread throughout 117 unique funds.

The Section also provides fiscal analysis, accounting support, expenditure and revenue monitoring, and conducts periodic operational and management reviews.

Various reports prepared by Financial Services include:

Department Budget Position Control report
Salary and Benefit Projections
Fund Balance reports
Year-End Expenditure and Revenue Projections
Five-year Strategic Plan
Development of a two-year Operational Plan

Other services include coordinating the Year-End Closing process and preparing cash transfers, program journals, and other budget and fiscal documents.

Personnel & Training
Personnel and Administrative Services has department-wide responsibilities for coordinating the following services for the employees of the Department of Public Works:

All personnel-related functions:


Current Job Openings

Public Information

Public information for DPW is handled by the LUEG Group Communications Officer who is responsible for:

Media Relations
Special Events
Website design and maintenance
News Releases

Contact:     Michael Drake

Information Technology


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