Permanent Road Division


The entire unincorporated area of San Diego County is included in the San Diego Countywide Permanent Road Division (PRD). Property owners interested in improving and/or maintaining their roads may band together to do so by forming a "zone of benefit" within the Countywide district. Each zone has a volunteer Chairperson and Citizen’s Committee that serve as the contact and decision focus group between the zone property owners and County staff.



Method for Sharing Costs

Notice of Assessment Findings -- PRD 1015 -- Landavo Roads

Formation Flow Chart

Property Owner Meeting FAQs

Permanent Road Division Maps


For additional information on PRDs, contact:

County of San Diego, Department of Public Works
Special Districts Administration
5510 Overland Ave., Suite 210
MS O 350
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (858) 694-2198


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