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Coordinated Care Initiative


In July 2012, legislation was passed in California that established the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) to transform the State’s Medi-Cal (Medicaid) care delivery system.  CCI integrates the administration of medical, behavioral, and long-term care services for older adults and persons with disabilities into a single organized delivery system.  

San Diego was selected as one of eight California counties to implement CCI. Implementation began in San Diego County in April 2014.

What is the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI)?

  • Mandatory enrollment of Dual Eligible beneficiaries into Medi-Cal managed care health plans
  • Integration of Medi-Cal long-term services and supports (LTSS) into Medi-Cal managed care
    • All Medi-Cal beneficiaries (64,000), including approximately 57,000 Dual Eligible beneficiaries in San Diego County, will be required to join one of five Medi-Cal managed care health plans: Care1st, Community Health Group, Health Net, Molina or Kaiser to receive their Medi-Cal benefits, including LTSS and Medicare wrap-around benefits.
  • Dual Eligible (Medicare/Medi-Cal beneficiaries) Demonstration called Cal MediConnect
    • Includes behavioral health coordination

On March 27, 2013, the federal government approved Cal MediConnect a voluntary three-year demonstration program that will coordinate Dual Eligible’s’ medical, behavioral health, long-term institutional, and home-and community-based services through four San Diego County managed care health plans: Care1st, Community Health Group, Health Net and Molina. 

By consolidating the responsibility for all covered services into a single health plan, the CCI expects to achieve the following goals: improve the quality of care for beneficiaries; maximize the ability of beneficiaries to remain safely in their homes and communities, with appropriate services and supports, in lieu of institutional care; coordinate Medi-Cal and Medicare benefits across health care settings and improve continuity of care across acute care, long-term care, behavioral health, and home-and community-based services settings using a person-centered approach; and promote a system that is both sustainable, person-and family-centered, and enables beneficiaries to attain or maintain personal health goals by providing timely access to appropriate, coordinated health care services and community resources, including home-and community-based services and mental health and substance use disorder services.

The Coordinated Care Initiative/Cal MediConnect Advisory Committee was established by the managed care health plans participating in the Coordinated Care Initiative in May 2012. The purpose of this committee is to provide recommendations to the managed care health plans about program operations, benefits, access to services, adequacy of grievance processes, and consumer protections. The Advisory Committee provides input to the health plans in the development, implementation and continued operation of the demonstration in San Diego County.  To view meeting agendas and approved minutes please click on the links listed below.

For the most current information about the Coordinated Care Initiative and Cal MediConnect, please go to the Cal Duals website:  Also, please visit our CCI/Cal MediConnect Virtual Resource Toolkit which houses a wealth of information about CCI and Cal MediConnect including San Diego County's CCI Advisory Committee meeting agendas and minutes as well as specific information about CCI in San Diego County.


CCI/Cal MediConnect Virtual Resource ToolKit Description

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