11-13 Years


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Age 12

Antonio is an active boy with a lot of energy. He enjoys going out to eat and going out into the community. He enjoys playing video games and going to Boomers or Dave & Buster’s with his mentor to eat and play. He is a very sweet young man and is good with animals. Antonio would like to play soccer and be a part of a team. Antonio likes to be called “Anthony.” He is in the 7th grade and does well in school. He is a smart and curious boy. Antonio’s favorite food is lasagna and his favorite dessert is blueberry pie. He is very loving, caring and affectionate.

Antonio would do best in a home where he is the only child or in a family with older adult children. He would do best in a family that is active and enjoys being outdoors and going out to eat. Antonio needs an adoptive family that is open and supportive of him continuing contact with his siblings, as he is very close with all of them and it is important that they keep their sibling connection. 

Photograph by


Zeena Gregg Photography