14-17 Years


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Age 15

Emmanuel is a sweet and friendly teenage boy. He is fluent in both English & Spanish. He is responsible and independent. Emmanuel isn't afraid to challenge himself. He has high aspirations to be a filmmaker or join the Air Force when he grows up, but knows it will be a difficult ride alone, which is why he dreams about having a family.

Emmanuel likes being active. He likes working out and weight training He also enjoys playing tennis and volunteering at his local church.  Emmanuel is a very unique young man but he is also similar to many other teenage boys in that he enjoys hanging out with his friends and dating.  

Emmanuel wants a mom or a dad that can go running with him in the mornings, bike riding, to the beach and a family that could support him in sports and school. Emmanuel is an amazing young man and would make any parent proud to call him their son.  

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Age 14

William is a dynamic and charming young man.  He is very polite and outgoing.  His beautiful eyes will melt your heart.  He is athletic and loves playing sports, especially soccer.  William loves animals and dogs are his favorite.  He enjoys swimming, hanging out with his friends, and playing video games.  William enjoys going out to eat; he loves to order buffalo fries!  He enjoys going shopping at the mall.  William is a great advocate for himself, and with his skills, he could be a successful lawyer some day!

William has been through a great deal.  Though he has experienced many losses and people giving up on him, he has not given up hope to find a family that will commit to him forever.  William is a teenage boy with typical teenage challenges… but with a committed family to guide him as he grows into a young man, the sky is the limit for him!

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