6-10 Years


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Age 9

William is a very sweet, soft spoken and intelligent boy. He is easy to establish rapport with and is quite a conversationalist. He is described as a thinker and asks thought provoking questions. William enjoys age appropriate activities such as playing board games, hand held video games, playing on the computer, and he is an avid reader.

William is taking aikido lessons currently and has taken karate in the past and he continues to enjoy his participation in martial arts activities. William is taking tennis lessons and he is looking forward to taking swimming lessons this summer. William really enjoys listening to music and will naturally gravitate to any music he hears in whatever setting. William wants to learn how to play an instrument and is excited about learning to play the drums and hopes to be in a school band one day.

William has had a lot of disappointments in his life so he needs a family that has unconditional commitment, a family that will keep him stimulated and involved in positive activities and a family that will be with him by his side to support him no matter what.  

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Age 7

Lavell is an active, articulate, friendly, social, affectionate, and caring child. Lavell is a cheerful little guy who is shy at first but warms up pretty quickly once he gets to know you and feels comfortable. Lavell likes to draw, color, and play with Lego building blocks. He likes dancing & playing computer games.  Lavell loves to read and his favorite ritual of the day is story time at night before bedtime.  He likes to play with friends and he is also very appropriate with adults. He greets many of his neighbors who walk their dogs around the community by their names.

Lavell has a great deal of empathy for others and can admit when he has done something wrong or made a mistake.  He even writes letters of apology.  Lavell is excelling in soccer, as he scored the first goal of the season and continues to express interest in being a part of a winning team. He likes to play baseball and enjoys going to the park.  Lavell is kind to animals but his favorite animals are dogs.

Lavell needs a structured, committed and loving family that will provide him with stability and warmth and a family that will be there for him to cheer him on the sidelines.

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Age 7

Elisha is an active and energetic little boy. He likes all kinds of sports but he really enjoys playing and watching basketball. Red is his favorite color and chili cheese fries are his favorite snack. Elisha does well in school and especially likes math class. He is well-liked by his teachers and peers and has a lot of friends in school. Elisha is in the first grade and has already been on the honor roll.

Elisha enjoys watching cartoons and Disney movies. His favorite shows are "Transformers," "Angry Birds" and "Bay Blades." Elisha’s favorite holiday is Christmas and his only one wish this past Christmas was for a family.

Elisha would do best in a family that could get him involved in positive activities and can give him the individual attention, structure and love he needs.  

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Age 8

Ke’jzon is an inquisitive young man with high energy. He likes playing all types of sports but his favorites are football and karate. Ke’jzon also loves skateboarding and playing video games. One of his favorite things to do is going to the movies or staying home and renting a movie. He likes all kinds of foods and will even eat his vegetables. He gets along well with other children. Ke’jzon is a polite boy and a good listener. 

Ke’jzon would do best in a family that is active and will support him in sports or martial arts activities and be there for him to cheer him on and foster his self-esteem. Ke’jzon needs a committed family that will keep him connected with his older sibling and be there for him through good times and bad. 

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