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Ages 5 & 3

These two adorable sisters are constantly smiling, laughing and enjoying life to the fullest.  They love pretty much everything but their favorite activities include playing at the park, sliding down the slides, going to the beach and playing in the sand.  Tyonna and Tyeesha also enjoy doing crafts, drawing and watching cartoons.  They are “girly girls” and love getting their nails and hair done.  Tyonna recently received an Outstanding Achievement award at school.  Tyeesha communicates through sign language but is beginning to develop her language and learning new words.     

These two beautiful little girls are incredibly resilient and strong despite being medically fragile.  They need a loving, warm and committed family that will ensure all their developmental and medical needs are met and a family that will shower them with affection and give them the opportunity to experience new and fun things. 

Photograph by
Zeena Gregg Photography