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Ja’red & Jaelah

Ages 12 & 10

Ja’red and Jaelah are part of an active and playful sibling group of four. Their two siblings, Jeremiah and Jazelle, were placed with an adoptive family that supports frequent visits but was unable to take all four children into their home. The strong bond these siblings share is evident in the way that they look out and care for each other. We are therefore searching for a family where Jaelah and Ja’red can grow up together and which will maintain the close relationship they have with their other siblings.

Ja’red, the oldest of the group, is a coordinated and energetic athlete. He especially enjoys basketball and participated in his community football team. Ja’red is a great team player and an excellent student who loves to hang out with his friends. Ja’red hopes to use his athleticism and bravery to become a fireman. He is very protective of his family and would do anything for them. The most important thing to Ja’red is ensuring that his siblings are there for each other.     

Jaelah is spunky, creative and fun. Her energetic personality charges the atmosphere as she creates new games and activities for herself and her siblings to try out. Jaelah enjoys science, playing video games and eating cookies. She is a star athlete who plays soccer, basketball and most other sports. Jaelah likes one-on-one attention and would do well in a family that can provide her the love, care and attention she needs to thrive.  

Ja’red and Jaelah need a family that is committed and dedicated to their individual needs as well as their needs as a sibling group. This family will need patience and understanding of all that the children have experienced in their short lives.  Ja’red and Jaelah are two adorable and lovable children who deserve a family to call theirs forever.


Intallect & Knolledge

Ages 11 & 9

This is a sibling set of two sisters. They enjoy each other’s company and have a special sibling bond. Although they are not currently residing together, we are searching for a family that could provide a home for both girls so that they can grow up together as siblings. 

Intallect (who prefers to be called Inta) is a happy and sweet 11 year old girl. She is slow to warm up to unfamiliar people, but once she warms up, you better be ready because her fun and bold personality shines through. Inta enjoys singing, gardening, and outdoor activities in the community. 

Knolledge (who prefers to be called Knolly) is an active 9 year old who is personable and spunky the minute you meet her. She is well liked by her peers and teachers at school due to her positive attitude and great energy. Knolly is a good student in school and enjoys reading. Although Knolly uses a wheelchair for mobility, she does not let her challenges limit her. Knolly is a proud little girl who appreciates the little things and loves life. 

These bonded siblings need a family that can provide fun, enriching activities that support their interests. The children would benefit from a family that is active, nurturing, and can advocate for the children’s medical, social and educational needs.  

Photograph by
The Squier Group


Angelo & Emilio

Ages 8 & 8

Angelo and Emilio are a fun, loving and energetic set of twins. They have had multiple placements in their short lives and are currently placed in separate homes. Angelo and Emilio want to live and grow as twin brothers.

Angelo enjoys playing soccer and on his x-box. He enjoys mathematics and wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. He loves animals and hopes to have a farm of his own one day. He enjoys having fun at the beach and believes that the best thing about him is having a twin. 

Emilio also enjoys playing soccer and swimming at the beach. His favorite subject is also math. He would love being with his brother so that they can play superheroes. Emilio would play the Incredible Hulk and his brother, Angelo, would play Superman.  He would love to live with his brother.

Angelo and Emilio have a strong bond and they need each other now, more than ever.  These twins are in need of a committed forever family who will love, nurture and give them the permanency and stability that they need and deserve.


Gabriella, Eric & Annabelle

Ages: 9, 7 & 4

Gabriella, Eric and Annabelle are a very bonded & loving sibling group. It is their deepest desire to be adopted together into a loving forever family. Gabriella, who also goes by “Gaby,” is 9 years old; she is the oldest of her sibling group. Gaby is very loyal and can be a little shy when you first meet her, but once you gain her trust, she is incredibly fun and friendly. Gaby enjoys singing, dancing and going to school.

Eric is 7 years old; he is a very friendly and energetic little boy, who wishes that he could live with his sisters. Eric loves playing sports, his favorite is soccer! Eric’s favorite foods are pancakes and chocolate.  Eric likes animals and said that if he were to be any animal he would be a “cute-cat” who would “hangout with people.” 

Annabelle is 4 years old; and is the youngest of her sibling group. Annabelle is very friendly, energetic, and quick to share her laugh and contagious smile with others. Annabelle admires and loves playing with her older two siblings.  

Gaby, Eric and Annabelle are a wonderful, fun and lovable sibling group, who want a loving forever family to grow up in together. Gaby has also expressed that if she had her dream come true she would be adopted into a family that shares her same religious beliefs and her younger siblings also expressed this particular desire.  

Photograph by
Margery Squier & Ron Manahan
The Squier Group



Ages 7 & 3

These adorable and energetic siblings will melt your heart with their fun personalities and sweet smiles. Both Ariana & Floyd enjoy being active and playing, and they also like to play together!

Ariana is a girly girl and loves anything pink. Her favorite thing to eat is ice cream, especially on hot summer days.  Ariana likes to dance, listen to music and art. Her favorite artist is Michael Jackson. Ariana loves everything about school but she especially enjoys reading books, math & recess. 

Floyd is a spunky and super cute affectionate little guy. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is chicken. He loves riding his scooter, swimming and playing at the park. Floyd’s favorite holiday is Halloween as he gets to dress up.   

Ariana is a great big sister and looks out for her little brother Floyd. However, these young, sweet siblings need a family to look out for them, love them and provide them with a home where they can be kids.       

Photograph by
Shane & Lauren Photography  



Ages 9, 8 & 6

Keynell, Daniel & Ari’yana are a sweet, fun, and energetic sibling set of three. Although they are not currently placed together, they cherish the times they get to spend together. 

Keynell is a kind and sweet boy with a big personality. He enjoys playing football, soccer, basketball, swimming, art, and video games. His favorite subject is science because he enjoys creating and conducting experiments.  His favorite holiday is Christmas because he enjoys giving gifts. He has dreams of becoming a professional football player.

Daniel is a kind boy who is in need of a lot of love. He tends to be quiet and a little withdrawn, but once he feels comfortable with someone his true personality comes out. He continues to make positive strides towards being the best version of himself. He is athletic and enjoys competition. 

Ari’yana is sweet girl with a big heart. She loves learning in school and her favorite subjects are math and science. She enjoys basketball, soccer, and riding her bike. She also enjoys dancing and cheerleading. She aspires to be a professional dancer. She absolutely adores her big brothers.

These siblings need a loving, committed and active family to give them the permanency and stability that they deserve.

Photograph by
Shannon Owens



Ages 12, 10, 9 & 6

Armondo, Daniel, Jesus and David are a bonded sibling group of four brothers. They love each other a great deal and enjoy going to the park, playing sports, going out to eat and to amusement parks together. 

Armondo is the big brother and protector of his younger siblings. He is very interested in sharks. He enjoys going to summer camp and playing sports, especially football. Armondo wants to be a SWAT sniper when he grows up. 

Daniel likes boxing, bicycle riding and watching police shows. He also enjoys playing soccer and playing with the neighborhood kids. Daniel wants to join the marines when he grows up. 

Jesus is a sweet and caring young boy. He enjoys swimming, drawing, coloring and playing with his friends. 

David is the youngest sibling but is the fearless one. He is a leader, big helper and very sweet. David’s laugh and smile will melt your heart.     

This fun set of active and energetic brothers would add joy and excitement to any family.

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