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Ages 11, 10 & 1

This sweet and bonded sibling group of three children would be a delightful addition to any family. Behlen is a very friendly and kind young lady. She is also a protective and nurturing big sister. Behlen loves to sing and dance and has performed in her school talent show.  She is also athletic and enjoys playing soccer.

Adrian is a great brother to his sister and younger brother Elijah. He enjoys playing video games and playing outside with his siblings. His favorite subject in school is science and he also excels at reading and received the highest reading points in his class.

Elijah is an adorable one year old Native American little boy. His smile will melt your heart. Elijah is learning to walk and playing with toys. He receives a lot of attention from his brother & sister who are very protective of him and also make him smile and laugh when they sing songs to him.

This sibling set of three adorable children are extremely kind and sweet and any family would be lucky to parent them. They would do best in a warm and loving family that will embrace Elijah’s Native American heritage and support his connection to his community. 

Photograph by


Schiavetto Photography



10-Year-Old Twins

This adorable set of twin boys has been through a great deal together.  These brothers have a positive outlook on life and feel blessed to have each other through everything. They are best friends. 

Kristopher is is a friendly boy who is slightly more reserved than his twin. Kristopher seems to enjoy more one-on-one activities such as participating in reading games, playing board games and LEGO building. Kristopher has many friends at school. Currently, Kristopher is excited about his prospective participation in the school safety patrol. He is being trained by the senior students and officers and he is taking the responsibility seriously.

Damien is extremely outgoing. He enjoys age appropriate activities such as playing with "Tech-deck" (finger skate-board games), Beyblades and playing basketball. Damien also enjoys playing outdoor games and playing with his twin brother. Both boys remain technology savvy and enjoy playing games on their respective ipad minis and educational Leap Frog that they each have. Both boys are very affectionate and loving. 

These boys need a family that will commit to them unconditionally.  They need a family that is warm and loving but also structured and will keep them busy in positive activities. Both boys love animals, especially dogs, so they need a family that has dogs or is open to getting a family pet. Any family would be lucky to have this dynamic duo join their family.  

Photograph by

Margery Squier & Ron Manahan

The Squier Group



Ages 12 & 8 

Blaize and Thalia are a sweet and adorable brother and sister duo. They love each other a great deal but also have the occasional sibling quarrels.

Blaize loves to read and carries a book wherever he goes. He also likes to sometimes act out the characters in his books. Blaize is a little more quiet and reserved than his sister, but his personality comes out once he warms up to you. 

Thalia is a social butterfly and has many friends. She enjoys singing and dancing and is quite comfortable in front of a camera. Thalia wants to be a news anchor when she grows up.

Both Blaize and Thalia need a warm, affectionate family that will commit to them. They would do best in an active family that enjoys being outdoors and going to the park and the beach.  

Photograph by

Margery Squier & Ron Manahan

The Squier Group



Ages 10 & 8

This adorable sibling group will melt your heart with their smiles and kind hearts. Jacob is definitely the big brother and protector of his little sister, Lyann. 

Jacob is extremely athletic and excels at all sports, but he has a singular passion for soccer. He would like to play on a competitive soccer team some day. One of Jacob’s favorite activities is playing with his LEGO bricks. Jacob is a remarkably intelligent young man. He loves to know how things work. He loves to build and take objects apart. He is especially talented in the area of math. 

Lyann is a beautiful, sweet and active little girl. She enjoys reading, playing with her friends and going to the park. Lyann is a very special child. She is funny, smart, engaging, cooperative and eager to please. She is loved by all the staff at her school because of all her wonderful qualities. 

These amazing siblings need a wonderful family to commit to them and support their dreams. They deserve a family that will be there for their lifetime.

Photograph by

Margery Squier & Ron Manahan                                 

The Squier Group



Ages 12, 10, 9 & 6

Armondo, Daniel, Jesus and David are a bonded sibling group of four brothers. They love each other a great deal and enjoy going to the park, playing sports, going out to eat and to amusement parks together. 

Armondo is the big brother and protector of his younger siblings. He is very interested in sharks. He enjoys going to summer camp and playing sports, especially football. Armondo wants to be a SWAT sniper when he grows up. 

Daniel likes boxing, bicycle riding and watching police shows. He also enjoys playing soccer and playing with the neighborhood kids. Daniel wants to join the marines when he grows up. 

Jesus is a sweet and caring young boy. He enjoys swimming, drawing, coloring and playing with his friends. 

David is the youngest sibling but is the fearless one. He is a leader, big helper and very sweet. David’s laugh and smile will melt your heart.     

This fun set of active and energetic brothers would add joy and excitement to any family.

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Allissa, Jonathan and Jason


Ages 12, 9 & 7

This unique sibling group of three would add joy and fun to any family. Allissa, Jonathan and Jason don’t fight like typical siblings, as they cherish their time together. They are living separately right now but dream of being able to live together under one roof.

Allissa enjoys listening to all kinds of music and she loves watching movies. She also likes to surf and play with dolls. Allissa is a little shy when you first meet her but when she warms up to you her personality comes out. 

Jonathan likes Legos and loves reading all kinds of books. He enjoys putting together puzzles, coloring and math is one of his favorite subjects.      

Jason is full of energy and loves to walk, run and play outdoor games like hopscotch. He also likes to do puzzles and play an interactive video game which has a special mat, where he can run and jump to the video. 

Allissa, Jonathan and Jason need a committed family to help them heal and who will love and guide them, they deserve one family together as siblings where they feel like they belong. 

Photograph by


Zeena Gregg Photography 



Ages 13, 11 & 8

This close sibling group have been through a lot together and lean on each other for support. Symphony is an amazing big sister and protector of her younger siblings. She likes being active and her favorite things to do include singing and playing softball. She loves school and her favorite subjects are science and math. She hopes to be a biologist or chemist when she grows up. Symphony also enjoys swimming, roller skating and listening to all types of music but her favorites are pop, gospel, rhythm and blues.

Andrew is a growing boy and likes to eat all kinds of foods, but his favorite is Mexican food. He likes playing soccer and playing on the computer. Andrew really enjoys drawing and hopes to be an architect when he grows up. Andrew is a great brother and is very close to his sisters.

Patience is a “girly girl” and her favorite color is purple. She loves doing gymnastics and her favorite TV show is “Full House.” Patience also really likes animals, especially dogs. She has a great sense of humor and will make you laugh with her silliness.

This sibling set of three needs a committed family that will open their hearts and their home to them so they can stay together as siblings. They need a family that will support them and guide them as they grow into young adults.

Photograph by


Fantasies Muse Photography



Ages 7, 4 & 2

This adorable sibling group of three children have infectious smiles and laughter that melt your heart. Sarah is an amazing big sister to her younger brothers. She likes cheerleading and going swimming at the pool. Her favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter and Sarah wants to be a teacher when she grows up. 

Kevin is an active little boy who likes to play at the park. He loves animals, especially dogs. He wants to be a super hero when he grows up. Kevin likes talking and telling stories.   

Tommy is a happy little boy who likes to cuddle. He loves to play and have fun.  His favorite color is blue. One of Tommy’s preferred meals is beans and he really likes watching Sheriff Kelly on television. 

This sibling set of three love each other and would be a blessing to any family. They would do best in a loving and committed family that can give each of them the individual attention they need and deserve so they can thrive.

Photograph by


Evan Yomada Photography



Ages 9 & 7

This is a sibling set of two sisters. They enjoy each other's company and have a special sibling bond. Although they are not currently residing together, we are searching for a family that could provide a home for both girls so that they can grow up together as siblings. 

Intallect (who prefers to be called Inta) is an active 9-year-old who recently completed her first level of karate. She is really enjoying the sport. She is slow to warm up to unfamiliar people, but once she warms up, you better be ready because she will challenge you to a go-cart ride and win! Inta has difficulty in school, but with assistance in the classroom, she is sure to catch up.    

Knolledge (who prefers to be called Knolly) is an active 7-year-old who appears personable and spunky the minute you meet her.  She is well liked by her peers and teachers at school due to her positive attitude and great energy. Knolly is a good student in school and enjoys reading. Although Knolly uses a wheelchair for mobility, she does not let her challenges limit her. Knolly is a proud little girl who appreciates the little things and loves life. 

These bonded siblings need a family that can provide fun, enriching activities that support their interests. The children would benefit from a family that is active, nurturing, and can advocate for the children’s medical, social and educational needs.

Photograph by


Evan Yamada Photography



Ages 5 & 3

These two adorable sisters are constantly smiling, laughing and enjoying life to the fullest. They love pretty much everything but their favorite activities include playing at the park, sliding down the slides, going to the beach and playing in the sand. Tyyonna and Tyeesha also enjoy doing crafts, drawing and watching cartoons. They are “girly girls” and love getting their nails and hair done. Tyyonna recently received an Outstanding Achievement award at school. Tyeesha communicates through sign language but is beginning to develop her language and learning new words.     

These two beautiful little girls are incredibly resilient and strong despite being medically fragile. They need a loving, warm and committed family that will ensure all their developmental and medical needs are met and a family that will shower them with affection and give them the opportunity to experience new and fun things. 

Photograph by
Zeena Gregg Photography