Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program


For more information, call 619-692-8808 or send us an email.

Purpose: The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) program helps to prevent and identify health problems by providing periodic well-child exams to children who qualify and by linking them to ongoing healthcare coverage so they will grow up healthy. The CHDP program is required by the following authorities: Health & Safety Code, Sections 104395, 105300, 105305, 120475, and 124025 through 124110; California Code of Regulations Title 17, Sections 6800 through 6874, and Title 22, Sections 51340 and 51532.

About the CHDP Program

The CHDP program prevents and identifies health problems through periodic, no-cost well-child exams to help children who qualify grow up healthy. CHDP Gateway links eligible children to ongoing healthcare coverage.


CHDP well-child exams are available at certain ages. A CHDP well-child exam consists of:  

  • Review of health history
  • Complete physical exam
  • Dental assessment
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Developmental assessment
  • Height, weight and blood pressure measurements
  • Vision and hearing tests
  • Tests for anemia, blood lead poisoning, and tuberculosis
  • Immunizations
  • Health Education


To receive CHDP services, children and youth must live in California and meet one of the following requirements:

  • Up to 21 years of age and on Medi-Cal.
  • Up to 19 years of age and from a low-income family.
  • In foster care.

Additional Resources and Links

  • Learn about CHDP services, eligibility, and well-child exams in our flyer or brochure (English | Spanish).
  • California State CHDP Informing Brochure (English | Spanish).
  • CHDP Brochure for Children in Foster Care.
  • To find a doctor who can provide a no-cost CHDP well-child exam or to learn more about the CHDP program, call 1-800-675-2229.
  • If you have a question about an exam or a letter you received from the CHDP program, call 619-692-8808.
  • CHDP Gateway links children who qualify to Medi-Cal.
  • For more information on the California state health information, including the CHDP program, visit the California Department of Health Care Services at:

For more information, call 619-692-8808 or send us an email.