Chronic Disease and Health Equity


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CDHE's mission is to promote wellness and prevention of illness, disability and premature death due to chronic diseases and health disparities.

About CDHE

Prevention of chronic diseases is important because chronic diseases cause 71% of all deaths throughout the United States, including San Diego County.

These diseases are:

  • Cardiovascular diseases (heart disease and stroke)
  • Cancer
  • Chronic lung diseases
    • asthma
    • emphysema
    • chronic bronchitis
    • obstructive lung disease
  • Diabetes

In addition to illness and death suffered by individuals, these diseases cause an enormous financial burden for the country in terms of lost economic productivity and direct medical costs. For example, nationwide the medical cost of cardiovascular disease alone is $259 billion annually.

CDHE's Goals

Major underlying causes of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic lung diseases and diabetes are poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and tobacco use. This unit focuses on encouraging county residents to make healthful lifestyle choices that will lead to increased healthy eating and physical activity; increased safe behaviors and environments; reduced tobacco use and exposure; increased use of recommended preventive health care and quality health care treatment; and collaboration with community partners to reduce health disparities.



For more information phone 619-542-4061 or send us an email.