HIV, STD and Hepatitis Branch

Partner Services

Partner Services (PS) assists HIV positive persons in notifying their partners of their HIV status. PS staff members are trained professionals who understand the complexities and challenges of disclosing HIV status to a partner.

PS helps participants build skills to prepare them for self-disclosure, which is personally notifying a partner of their HIV status, or dual-disclosure, which is notifying a partner with the assistance of a staff member.

PS also includes anonymous third-party notification. This is a service where an individual can request a partner be notified by a County staff person. This notification is done anonymously, where a partner is advised that he or she may have been exposed to HIV. The identity of the HIV positive individual who made the request is not shared.

PS is a free, voluntary and confidential service that values the needs of the participant, and is an important part of preventing new HIV infections. Please call or email for more information.

For more information, phone 619-692-8501 or send us an email .

Last updated December 23, 2015.