About the 2-1-1 Program

For more information send us an email or phone 619-338-2799

2-1-1 San Diego provides 24-hour comprehensive Information and Referral (I&R) Service and is designed to be an entry point for human care services for children, families and individuals seeking help.

2-1-1 San Diego

  • Is the dialing code for quick, free access to information about community, health, human and disaster services in San Diego County.
  • Operates according to the California Public Utilities Commission and the National Alliance for Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) for Professional Information & Referral standards.
  • Has a comprehensive base of information and referral resources to assist people in meeting a need when they do not know where to turn.
  • Is a toll-free telephone number and can be used to access County services.

From January 2011 through December 2011; 2-1-1 San Diego has received 250,842 Calls.  

For more information, contact:

2-1-1 San Diego
P.O. Box 881307
San Diego, CA 92168
Call: 2-1-1
Or call: (858) 300-1300


2-1-1 ACCESS Center

The 2-1-1 ACCESS Center is the County of San Diego's Family Resource Customer Service Center and can be reached through the 2-1-1 dialing code.

  • 2-1-1 ACCESS Center is the central point of contact for the County of San Diego Family Resource Centers (FRCs), serving public assistance customers and providers with questions regarding CalWORKs, Medi-Cal, CalFresh, Low Income Health Program, General Relief, and Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants.
  • Clients can submit applications over the phone as well as report updates to their cases; and report lost or stolen EBT and BIC cards.
  • Offering these services over the phone reduces the need for Family Resource Center (FRC) visits and allows more time for FRC workers to deal with higher level case management activities.
  • 2-1-1 ACCESS Center started in January of 2011

From January 2011 through December 2011, 2-1-1 ACCESS Center has received 117,426 calls.


Some reasons for contacting 2-1-1 ACCESS Center:

  • Case Status
  • Check if HHSA Received Documents
  • Notice of Action (NOA) Information
  • Disputing/Reporting Changes
  • Re-certification
  • Explanation of Forms
  • How to apply for Benefit Program
  • Benefits Issuance Dates
  • Balance on EBT
  • Requesting documents/forms
  • Re-schedule Appointments
  • Complaints
  • EBT/BIC Card Replacement
  • Address Change
  • Inter County Transfer
  • Documentation (acceptable types)
  • FRC Addresses
  • Hours and Days of FRC Operations
  • SSI Inquiry
  • Orientation Information
  • Healthy Families Inquiry

Toll-Free: 1-(866) 262-9881
TDD (hearing impaired): (858) 514-6889
Fax: (858) 467-9088

        For more information on ACCESS Click Here:  ACCESS

 For more information send us an email or phone 619-338-2799