Information Technology Division


This division provides administrative information technology support to the Agency with the help of the County Technology Office (CTO) and the County IT Outsourcing Contractor.

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Facilities where this Service is offered:

What Is ITD?

On December 13, 1999, San Diego County outsourced the County's use of Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications and the manner in which the County obtains its IT and telecommunications services. The services being provided by the County's IT Outsourcing Contractor and its partners are allowing County citizens to be among the first in the nation to benefit from the enormous potential of IT and telecommunications, as applied to the business of government. The County Technology Office (CTO) headed by the Chief Information Officer was established to monitor the contract and interact with departments and Deputy Chief Administrative Officers (DCAOs) to ensure that the County IT Outsourcing Contractor is in compliance with contract terms.

HHSA is one of the five main County business groups that deliver services to County citizens. Each business group has its own Group Information Technology Manager (GITM) that works closely with the Chief Information Officer to monitor the performance of the County's IT Outsourcing Contractor in relation to their business group's specific needs and services.