Building Better Health in East County


Building Better Health is a big and bold plan to improve the health of all San Diegans over the next decade.  We were motivated to act when we learned about the 3-4-50 principle.  Throughout the nation and locally three behaviors – poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, and tobacco use – contribute to four diseases: heart disease/stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and respiratory conditions, such as asthma.  These four diseases result in over 50 percent of deaths in San Diego.  We jumped right into action when we learned the three behaviors and four diseases account for 54% of deaths in East County communities!

In February 2011, County Supervisor Dianne Jacob and Pam Smith, HHSA Deputy Director, formed a Leadership/Advisory Group to move action forward in East County.  Our leadership group has a diverse and growing membership and we welcome the contributions of all partners. Our goal is to make the healthy choice the easy and desirable choice and we understand place does matter. Where you live impacts how you live and policies can support or hinder health. 

The Leadership/Advisory Group has three active subcommittees:

  • Speaker’s Bureau – The volunteer speaker’s bureau is excited to get the word out about 3-4-50 and ways we can work together to improve health outcomes.
  • Asset Mapping – The asset mapping subcommittee is learning about “healthy” assets and activities we can enjoy today.  The group is exploring ways to promote all the great things East County has to offer.
  • Community Competition – The competition subcommittee is creating opportunities for people of all ages to be more active and physically fit.  The first competition is the East County Healthy Miles program.

East County Health Miles is a program for East County residents of any age.  All you need to do is join a team or start your own team and start tracking planned exercise miles such as walking, running, skating, biking, skateboarding and swimming.  Individuals will turn in monthly tracking forms to their team leader and team totals will be tallied for awards and recognition.  The competition is on-going so join at any time!  To get started, click here for the Healthy Miles Tool Kit and Individual Workout Record Sheet.

For more information and to request a speaker, please contact Katie Judd (