Functions and Responsibilities


The Commission is charged by State Law to inquire into the administration of the Juvenile Court Law in San Diego County. The Commission has access to publicly administered institutions, may hold hearings, and request the Judge of the Juvenile Court to issue subpoenas requiring attendance and testimony of witnesses and the procurement of any pertinent documents. The Commission may recommend changes felt beneficial to any person charged with the administration of any provision of Juvenile Court Law. The Commission has the following functions and responsibilities:

  • To annually inspect and issue reports on all County-operated facilities, which detain and house delinquent and dependent minors.

  • To annually inspect the County's law enforcement facilities that contain a lockup which, in the preceding year, was used for the secure/non-secure detention of any minor.

  • To review and, if necessary, investigate high-profile juvenile justice cases in accordance with the Commission's adopted Policies and Procedures.

  • To prepare and issue a report on the management of juvenile justice in San Diego County, if necessary.

  • To propose, endorse, or oppose State legislative or administrative proposals, which would have an impact upon the administration of Juvenile Court Law in San Diego County.

  • To work with State and Local governmental legislative and administrative agencies for the improvement of the administration of Juvenile Court Law in San Diego County.