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Letha and Karina are working for you at San Diego County Library.

National Library Workers Day

In honor of National Library Workers Day (April 13), we'd like to share your stories about library staff who have made a difference in your life.

Staff Member Recognized: Keith Davis

This young man went way above and beyond helping me with a report on Anime. He found books and movies, we discussed Anime films and history of, he really is a wealth of knowledge, relaxed, intelligent and fun to talk with. I know his first name is Keith...I hope that he gets recognized somehow for all the great help that he gave to me for this report.
Submitted by SDCL Customer Maurice on 4/6/2010

Staff Member Recognized: Shayna Rians

My son got really into reading a series of books from his school library, but the school didn't have the entire series. So I went to the Rancho San Diego branch and a library worker named Shayna helped me find all of the missing books in the series. It really improved my son's reading skills and gave him an alternative to video games. I'm glad Shayna had a willingness to go above and beyond and help me.
Submitted by SDCL Customer Lena on 4/13/2010

Staff Member Recognized: El Cajon, Alpine,
Descanso, Jacumba & Borrego Springs Staff

This story is not about just one worker. It is about almost all of the workers you hire at the different libraries. No matter what library I visit in San Diego County the staff is so helpful and friendly and they go beyond what I would expect them to do. I visit several different libraries. El Cajon has great people, Alpine has Christine, Descanso is so cute, Jacumba is a treasure, and Borrego too. Thank you for keeping the libraries open for us. I don't know what my family and I would do without a library.
Submitted by SDCL Customer Jessica on 4/14/2010

The County of San Diego and the San Diego County Library disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy of the translations.
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