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OAC panel attorneys are required by the rules & regulations of the OAC Panel Program to complete a minimum of 12 hours each year of continuing legal education in relevant areas of study, primarily on criminal law topics.  OAC panel attorneys may be required by OAC to verify they have completed the required training.

San Diego County's Department of the Public Defender offers many free hours of continuing education each year on criminal law and in required specialty credit areas.  Most of the Public Defender training sessions are open to criminal defense attorneys in private practice.  OAC panel attorneys are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these free training programs to easily meet most of their MCLE training requirements.

Most of the Public Defender's training sessions are offered live during the workweek from approximately 12 noon to 1:00 p.m.  A video replay of the training is sometimes offered the next business day at the same time.  The training sessions are presented in the 11th floor training room at 450 "B" Street, San Diego, CA 92101.  Some of these training sessions may also be offered live via video-conferencing at other Public Defender and Alternate Public Defender branch offices.  Training notices are e-mailed in advance to OAC panel attorneys from time to time to alert them to some of the upcoming Public Defender training sessions.

Information regarding Public Defender continuing education presentations may also be listed below from time to time.  For additional training information please contact the Public Defender Training Coordinator, Frank Birchak, or the Training Coordinator's Assistant, Vanessa Thompson using the e-mail links provided below.




Computer Training -- Online Resources:

    Microsoft Office -- Free Training from Microsoft
    Microsoft SharePoint 2010 -- Free Computer Training
    Hewlett Packard -- Free Computer Training
    GFC LearnFree.Org -- Free Training
    CustomGuide -- Some Free Computer Training

    Adobe Acrobat X Pro -- Free Training (PDF Files)
    Adobe Acrobat for Legal Professionals Blog -- More Free Training

Public Defender Training Schedule:

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CPDA Training Programs :

The California Public Defenders Association (CPDA) is a State Bar of California approved mandatory continuing legal education provider.  CPDA offers many outstanding criminal law training programs every year at very reasonable rates.  Two or more of CPDA's training programs are usually scheduled in San Diego County each year.  Most recently those local CPDA training programs have been held at The Kona Kai Marina Hotel located on Shelter Island at 1551 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92106.

Register on line for CPDA training programs at this link:

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Upcoming CPDA Conferences

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To stay informed regarding upcoming program events please use this link below and add it to your list of web browser "favorites"

Please also note that there's over 50 DVD Self-Study videos available from the CPDA On-Line Store - use this link to check them out: