EHP Compliance Requirements for Grant Projects



It is the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) policy to integrate environmental planning and historic preservation (EHP) considerations into its hazard mitigation, disaster response and recovery, and emergency preparedness activities.

FEMA, through its EHP Program, engages in a review process to ensure that FEMA-funded activities comply with various Federal EHP laws and Executive Orders (EOs).

The goal of these compliance requirements is to protect the nation’s water, air, coastal, wildlife, agricultural, historical and cultural resources, as well as to minimize potential adverse effects to children and to low-income and minority populations.

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Below are documents relating to the Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation Compliance
Requirements for Preparedness Grant Projects.

Requirements for FEMA PGP
EHP Equipment List with AEL Numbers
EHP Packet Instructions
EHP Final Screening Form
Cal EMA Grants Management Memo
Grantee Picture Documentation Instructions
FEMA Grants Information Bulletin 271
FEMA Grants Information Bulletin 329
County OES EHP Packet Coversheet
Grant ID Information
Sample Equipment
Sample Training
SHSG Project Titles
EHP Matrix

Sample Forms

Training and Exercises Orange County Fire Authority
Training and Exercises CSTI San Luis Obispo
Aerial View Orange County Fire Authority
Aerial View CSTI San Luis Obispo
Aerial View Camp Elliott
Aerial View Miramar College NTC
Aerial View OES


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