Distinguished Veteran Pass

Distinguished Veteran

The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation is honoring the State of California’s Distinguished Veteran Pass.

With this pass, Veterans that qualify can enjoy the benefits of County Parks and Recreation facilities at little or no cost. As a thank you for your distinguished service, we hope you will enjoy the benefits of San Diego County Parks.

Holders of the pass will get the following benefits:

Up to 7-nights of free camping in a one year period at any County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation Campground

Pass holders are entitled to free day use at any County Park, which is traditionally a $3-$5 charge per vehicle. All other vehicles within the party must pay any applicable fees

Who Qualifies for the Fee Waivers?
Qualified disabled war veterans, former prisoners of war or recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor are eligible to receive the Distinguished Veteran Pass discount.

Information on obtaining a pass through the State of California can be found at California State Parks.

To Make a Reservation:
Until the Department's computerized reservation system is upgraded to accept the DVP electronically, qualified participants seeking to camp shall follow the procedures listed below:

  • Simply visit the Parks and Recreation Headquarters at 5500 Overland Avenue, San Diego, CA. 92123.
  • Or, call (877) 565-3600 Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm.
  • Same day reservations can be made at any camping facility, but future reservations must be made in person or by phone.  

Important to Remember:

  1. Pass holders must self-identify as a Distinguished Veteran Pass Holder when making a reservation.

  2. Same day camping reservations can be made at a facility with an original proof of the Distinguished Veteran Pass (DVP), and a picture ID to receive discount.

  3. The holder of the DVP must provide the pass number to reservations staff at time of booking reservation.

  4. Only the campsite occupied by the pass holder is subject to the discount. Any subsequent campsites reserved by pass holder, but not occupied by the pass holder will be charged full price.

  5. The pass holder must present the pass at check-in even when the campsite is reserved in advance, along with a picture identification. Photo copies of the pass will not be accepted.

  6. If pass-holder is unable to provide a physical copy of the pass, the reservation will be applicable to full price camping and reservation fees. No exceptions can be made.

  7. Pass holders will be required to pay the mandatory $5 reservation fee if they are reserving a site in advance.

  8. Pass holders will be required to pay any associated fees such as an extra vehicle, pets, an extra camp site, etc.

  9. This pass is not valid for group camping, group sites, youth sites, camping cabins, community buildings, enclosed pavilions, or group picnic areas.

  10. For day use, the pass may be used for parking a passenger vehicle with a capacity of eight persons or less where a vehicle day use fee is collected.

  11. No priority can be given to pass holders. 

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