County Park Naming Rights Opportunities


The County of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department (DPR) is now offering naming rights opportunities for existing park amenities including ball fields, playgrounds, staging areas, sports arenas, amphitheaters, swimming pools, community gardens, community rooms, and trails.

Naming opportunities associated with new construction will be negotiated and will take place as part of the development process of a capital project.

Proposed Naming Rights Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Application of Interest


The purpose of the program is to continue to enhance our ability to provide parks and recreation facilities and services with the support of businesses, individuals, or non-profit partners that share a passion for enriching our community through parks and recreation.

Traditionally, County parks have been named for the historical, geographic or natural features that comprise their distinct character and this approach will remain. We recognize diversifying our funding sources is instrumental in helping to meet the future needs of the communities we serve, and that naming partnerships provide an opportunity to reinforce the image of a community minded organization, individual or business to demonstrate their support for community investments.

Pricing for naming rights begins at $1,000 and will depend on the value of the amenity based on its location, use, visibility, construction, cost, and other factors. The Department conducted industry and nationwide research on private and public sectors naming rights programs to establish benchmarks for the proposed policy.  


The DPR Director now has the authority to approve naming of park amenities that are for a 5-year term or that will result in $15,000 or less in total revenue for the naming term, unless otherwise designated by the County Board of Supervisors. The County Board of Supervisors will still have the authority to name County buildings and facilities.

Revenue generated from these efforts will go either to a specific park where a name is purchased based on the namer's desires, or be deposited into a specific trust account with other revenue from naming rights purchases. The latter option will provide the opportunity for the fund to build and generate interest over time, thereby creating the potential to make even greater capital investments back into the County parks system.

To get involved, download the application, save it to your desk top, fill it out, and e-mail it back.