Cost Recovery Study

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Cost Recovery, Resource Allocation, and Revenue Enhancement Study

The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation is conducted a Cost Recovery, Resource Allocation, and Revenue Enhancement Study. This study looked at the existing parks and recreation services (parks, facilities, programs, and leisure experiences) and conducted a comprehensive community input process. The outcomes identified core services, pointed out a duplication in services, recommended provision strategies, determined resource allocation and recommended pricing strategies.

It will enhance our partnerships and help us meet the future needs of the San Diego County residents, and those who work and visit our community. The project included conducting an inventory and analysis of all parks and recreation service offerings in relation to the values, vision, and needs of our community, as well as our position in the market, and has helped reaffirm the department’s mission.

The recommendations focus on short and long-term implementation strategies that enhance service delivery, efficiently and effectively utilize the community’s investment for critical parks and recreation needs, and identify collaborative efforts. This study aligns available and future resources with core services and commitments to include desired level of service, sustainable fiscal and environmental stewardship, and industry best practices in operating and maintaining the department’s infrastructure. The process has produce a systematic implementation plan to ensure the Department is moving in the right direction to meet the needs of the San Diego County community.

The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation has engaged the services of GreenPlay LLC, whose office is in Broomfield, CO, a nationally renowned and innovative parks and recreation management consulting firm to assist with the creation of our study. Any questions regarding the Study can be directed to Karon Badalamenti at (303) 870-0021.

Project Information:
2012 Cost Recovery Year One Report
Cost Recovery Implementation Strategy
Cost Recovery Final Report
Project Details
Community Profile
PowerPoint Presentation
Project Timeline
Public Engagement/Community Focus Group Feedback
Leadership Summit Input
Values and Vision Statements