Photography and Filming in County Parks

Video Reel

The San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department maintains and operates more than 40,000 acres of beautiful and unique locations and settings. Many of these are desirable for still photographers and filmmakers for backdrops and film footage.

Most of the park locations are available for use by reservation, and in many of these locations, park rangers can be on hand to assist with and monitor activities.

Reservation procedures and fees for using County parks are outlined below:

  1. Requests for photo/film permits may be made by completing an application and faxing or e-mailing it the County Parks Reservation Desk at (858)495-5841. 
    (Please allow a minimum of 48 hours processing time prior to scheduled film/photo shoot.)
  2. Any special requests/needs will be handled on an individual basis at the time of the application.
  3. The Department does not charge for still or video shoots that will not be published or used for marketing or commercial purposes.
  4. Most parks are open from 9:30 a.m. until sunset. Requests for early entry or late stay will result in additional charges. 

There is a fee for commercial advertising, film and video/photography shoots at County parks and recreation facilities. 

Published Print
Still, catalog, print media, etc.
  • $50/hour
  • $150/half day (4 hours)
  • $300/whole day
Commercial Film
Film, video, commercials, etc.
  • $100/hour
  • $300/half day (4 hours)
  • $600/whole day
Production Area
Using park as a production base, reserving a designated area of the park for production use, etc.
A standard area reservation fee may apply if day use areas are used. Other fees such as catering, early/late entry, etc. may also be applicable.

Please be familiar with the procedures and fees listed above before completing the application. Total payment for the permit is due prior to the shoot. For additional information or questions please call (858) 565-3600.