Boulder Oaks Preserve


Located approximately three miles south of Ramona between State Route 67 and Mussey Grade Road

Hours: Currently closed to the public

Park Phone: (760) 788-3326

Location Map


Boulder Oaks Preserve (Preserve) consists of approximately 1,268 acres located south of the unincorporated township of Ramona in central San Diego County, California. The Preserve is situated in the meadows and hills just north of the San Vicente Reservoir, extending east from Iron Mountain and north of Fosters Canyon, and is bisected by Foster Truck Trail. The County acquired the Preserve in 2003 for inclusion in the County of San Diego’s Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) preserve system.

The Preserve consists of very high value natural communities. Vegetation communities present consist of open coast live oak woodland, open Engelmann oak woodland, southern mixed chaparral, scrub oak chaparral, non-native grassland, southern willow scrub, freshwater marsh, open water, and disturbed land. Seasonal pools were also observed within several rock outcroppings and potential vernal pools were observed within the meadow areas within the Preserve. The Preserve also supports a diverse number of animal species including sensitive species.


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