Current Projects

Brightwater Ranch:
     PDS2003-3100-5306 (TM)
Chinese Bible Church:
     PDS2010-3300-10-037 (MUP)
     PDS2010-3600-10-004 (REZ)
El Monte Sand Mining and Nature Preserve:


Jacumba Solar:
Lake Jennings Marketplace:
Lilac Hills Ranch:

     PDS2012-3810-12-001 (SP)

Newland Sierra:
North County Environmental Resources Recycling Facility:
     PDS2008-3500-08-015 (STP)
     PDS2013-BC-13-0019 (BC)
     PDS2008-3910-08-08-012 (ER)
Otay 250- Sunroad East Otay Mesa Business Park Specific Plan Amendment:
     LOG NO. PDS2015-ER-15-98-190-13G
Otay Ranch Village 13 Master Planned Community Resort Village:
     PDS2004-3810-04-002 (SP)
     PDS2004-3800-04-003 (GPA)
     PDS2004-3600-04-009 (REZ)
     PDS2004-3100-5361A & B (TM)
     LOG NO. PDS2004-04-19005
     SCH NO. 2004101058
Rough Acres Ranch:
     PDS2012-3300-12-021 (MUP)
Soitec Solar Development Final Program EIR and Administrative Record:
     PDS2012-3800-12-010 (GPA)
     PDS2012-3910-120005 (ER)
     TIERRA DEL SOL: PDS2012-3300-12-010 (MUP)
     PDS2012-3600-12-005 (REZ)
     PDS2012-3921-77-046-01 (AP) 
     RUGGED SOLAR: PDS2012-3300-12-007 (MUP)
     SCH NO. 2012121018
Valiano Specific Plan:
Warner Ranch:
     PDS2006-3810-06-002 (SP) 
     PDS2006-3800-06-009 (GPA)
     PDS2006-3600-06-011 (REZ)
     PDS2006-3100-5508 (TM)
     PDS2011-3500-11-007 (STP)
     PDS2006-3000-06-040 (AD)
     PDS2006-3910-0602020 (ER)