POD 13-007 Comprehensive Renewable Energy Plan

On April 10, 2013 (3), the Board of Supervisors directed the Chief Administrative Officer to research and develop options for a comprehensive renewable energy plan(CREP), prepare a work plan including time and cost estimates and return to the Board within 120 days. On September 25, 2013 (1), The Board received a presentation on a proposed work plan  and directed staff to initiate Phase One, excluding 3b and 3c(see Board Letter attachment below), and return to the Board within 14 months of executing all required consultant service contracts. The Board also directed staff to form a Renewable Energy Technical Advisory Committee and create a “pipelining provision” to exempt existing discretionary renewable energy projects from any future policy changes or new requirements that may result from the CREP.

During 2015, the County and the contractor made significant progress on the draft CREP report; however, there were schedule delays and the contract term expired. The draft report from the contractor has been made available for public review. The County is currently working to align the remainder of the work with other energy and climate related efforts. A final CREP report is tentatively scheduled for review by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors in late 2016.

Phase One Report
Final Phase One CREP Executive Summary Report
Draft Phase One CREP Report

Contact: Laurel Lees (619) 346-2333 or email: laurel.lees@sdcounty.ca.gov


Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

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