PACE Program

The County of San Diego has initiated an agricultural conservation program known as the Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement (PACE) program. The PACE program is intended to promote the long term preservation of agriculture in the County. The program is based on the framework of what is traditionally referred to as a Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) program. Under the PACE program, willing agricultural property owners are compensated for placing a perpetual easement on their agricultural property that limits future uses and extinguishes future development potential. As a result, the agricultural land is preserved and the property owner receives compensation that can make its continued use for agriculture more viable.



Preliminary Eligibility List -  This link lists all properties that have been identified as potentially being eligible for the program.   Inclusion on the list does not guarantee a property is eligible for the program. A  property specific assessment to determine final eligibility will be conducted upon receipt of a program application. Properties on the list are presented in  Assessor Parcel Number (APN) format, site addresses are listed when available. Additional property specific information can be obtained through the County’s online GIS system 


PACE Program December 04, 2013 Board Minute Order

PACE Program September 17, 2014 Board Minute Order


Staff Contact:  Melanie Tylke at 858-694-3721

For additional information see the program Fact Sheet



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