Community Planning & Sponsor Group Training

Planning & Development Services is proud to present this interactive online training for Community Planning and Sponsor Group members.  This online training outlines the roles and responsibilities of planning and sponsor group volunteers as they relate to advising County decision-makers on discretionary projects, planning and land use matter important to their community, and the preparation, amendment, or implementation of community plans. 

As a community planning/sponsor group member, it is essential that you understand your role and responsibilities as outlined in Board of Supervisors Policy I-1, the Ralph M. Brown Act, and this training.  By completing this online training you are satisfying one of the prerequisites to receive defense and indemnification from the County. 

Please set aside approximately two (2) hours to complete this online training. Since this online training doesn't allow you to save your progress, you must take the training in its entirety before closing. Otherwise, you'll have to start at the beginning when you re-open the training.

2016 Online Training


The following list of resources may assist you in your role as a planning or sponsor group member:

Training Handout: This is a 51 page document that includes all of the slides from the online training and can     be used for taking notes throughout the training.

CPG-CSG Training Resource

Planning/Sponsor Groups

General Plan and Community Plans

Policy I-1

County Subdivision Ordinance

Fair Political Practices Commission

Conflict of Interest Codes