GPA 12-004; SCH NO. 2012081082





Cover, Table of Contents

List of Acronyms

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Project Description, Location, and Environmental Setting

Chapter 2: Environmental Effects of the Proposed Project

2.1 Aesthetics

2.2 Agricultural Resources

2.3 Air Quality

2.4 Biological Resources

2.5 Cultural and Paleontological Resources

2.6 Hazards and Hazardous Materials

2.7 Hydrology and Water Quality

2.8 Land Use

2.9 Mineral Resources

2.10 Noise

2.11 Public Services

2.12 Recreation

2.13 Transportation and Traffic

2.14 Utilities and Service Systems

2.15 Climate Change

Chapter 3: Other CEQA Considerations

Chapter 4: Project Alternatives

Chapter 5: References

Chapter 6: Preparers and Persons Contacted


  1. General Plan Amendment 12-004; FCI Lands Draft Plan
  2. Notice of Preparation / Public Comments Received on the NOP
  3. Air Quality / Global Climate Change Analysis
  4. Traffic Impact Assessment Analysis




Table of Contents and Introduction

A Response to Ewiiaapaayp

B Response to Louis F. Russo

C Response to Gail Mazzola

D Response to Leonard Nielsen

E Response to Pam and Greg Nelson

F Response to Victor A. Esparza

G Response to Stacey Landfield

H Response to Dave Henderson

I Response to Diane and Walt Francis

J Response to Jesse and Sandra Purczynski

K Response to Maria Banuelos

L Response to San Diego County Archaeological Society, James W. Royle, Jr

M Response to Mary Kay Borchard

N Response to Charles A. Jerney

O Response to Jamul Dulzura Community Planning Group, Jean Strouf

P Response to San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), Beverly E. Blessent

Q Response to Viejas Tribal Government, Hon. Anthony R. Pico

R Response to David A. Howe

S Response to Gerald W. Fisher

T Response to Robert Beale

U Response to Janine G. Buchanan

V Response to Nicole McDonough

W Response to Rancho Guejito Corporation, Michael Hansen with Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

X Response to Tom and Judy Myers

Y Response to Pechanga Tribe, Anna Hoover

Z Response to The Nature Conservancy, Alfredo Gonzalez

AA Response to Randy Rusch

BB Response to The Endangered Habitats League, Dan Silver, MD

CC Response to The Endangered Habitats League, Dan Silver, MD

DD Response to Carmen Lucas, Lucas Ranch; Courtney Ann Coyle, Attorney At Law

EE Response to Palomar Observatory, Andy Boden

FF Response to Rincon Tribe, Rose Duro

GG Response to Shute, Mihaly and Weinberger LLP on behalf of the Cleveland National Forest Foundation, Catherine C. Engberg and Carmen J. Borg

HH Response to California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Edmund Pert

II Response to United States Forest Service, William Metz

JJ Response to Cuyamaca Sponsor Group, Kathy Goddard

KK Response to Travis Lyon

LL Response to Katherine S. Stewart

MM Response to Theresa Accero

NN Response to Andrew Wilson


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Advance Planning