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General Plan Property Specific Requests Workplan - June 20, 2012  

June 20, 2012 General Plan Property Specific Requests Workplan page, including Board Letter

During a workshop held January 9 through January 11, 2012 the Board of Supervisors considered over 137 private property owner requests to modify the County of San Diego’s General Plan land use designations. At the January Workshop, the Board of Supervisors directed staff to further evaluate a total of 56 property owner requests to change General Plan land use designations. 56 requests were referred back to staff by the Board for further evaluation. Actions directed by the Board varied between requests but included steps such as determining if a modified request was available that could be consistent with the General Plan Guiding Principles, obtaining community planning group input, determining what larger study areas (if any) required consideration in making changes to the plan, notifying potentially affected property owners, and developing workplan options for amending the General Plan. This report responds to Board direction related to the private property owner requests. 


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